Saturday, July 17, 2010

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The roads are wrapped around your waist
They lead me place to place
I take trips from hip to hip
In fact, I've made a career of it
I always thought the left was your strongest side
But when it comes to you, I can't decide
It's only a matter of time

I need the product of your fears
In the form of tears
It's the only way I can survive
It breaks my heart to see you cry
And baby, it's the only way I stay alive
Green eyes, blue skies
Natural disasters when she cries
Green eyes, they're mine
It's only a matter of time.

You're tainted, I'm shaking
I hope you turn around in time
Tide's changing, I'm waiting
You and I are one of a kind
You're changing
I've been a both of our fears
Over my sore ears
I still can't pick my favorite place
don't make me
The contour of your lips,
They match your continents
And I still love the way that you taste


  1. salam bro..mintak gmbaq kartun ni ea..tanteek, cek ske....maceh..