Saturday, April 17, 2010


datacomm project?

buzz (dari ym) from teammate tidak dibalas coz away from computer
few minutes later ting2 (bunyi mesej)
tgk2 msj baru perasan woooh~~~| projek datacomm...
tye da ade tajok ke blom?toing2 xde lg...haa elok sabtu da nk kne submit

projek datacomm ni agak simple gak muvie yg ada kaitan ngan data communication and networking...pastu ape yg relate ngan datacomm...tanpa membuang tya pendapat then terap bg 1 tajok ni...penjenayah internet yg kejam...penah tgk SAW I, II, III, IV?haa lebey kurang aa cume dye gune internet sbg medium menjalankan kegiatan jenayah dye tuh...makin ramai org hit website dye n view video mangsa, makin bahaya nyawa mangsa tersebut sampai la mangsa tersebut mati...nk tao cite ni camne tgk la ea....
UNTRACEABLE (2008)...haa...pastu terus wat review pasal muvie neh...bleh tgk hasil review kt bwh ni...

There have FBI agents who are dedicated to investigate criminals on the internet. 2 special agents Jennifer Marsh and Griffin Dowd have been assigned to do investigate and take legal action to solve the current situation that involve a internet criminal serial killer which display a video murders on his own website "". The fate of each victim on the video depends on how many users hit the website. The more hits his site gets, the faster his victims die. March and her team have a job to race against the clock to track down this criminal who is untraceable. The FBI uses the technology to track down the webmaster criminal and finally they found it. The webmaster criminal, Owen Reilly finally was shot by Marsh and the video appear at his website while Marsh telling the statement “a genius died today” in the website chat room.